Where’s My Orgasm?

2 min readJan 22, 2022


“Where’s’ my orgasm ? “ Is ultimate in sex education, delivering a series of real life engaging, captivating, immersive , stories of adult sex happening in your neighborhood, your church and your family. It immediately takes you into the bedroom allowing our teenagers and nieve adults to recognize that sex is complicated often filled with pain and frustration.We immediately realize that there are bedrooms in your neighborhood filled with Limp penises and bedroom drama.

Our Cinderella perception of exotic love in the bedroom is shattered by the realization that 50% of the women in the world, who have had child, have never had an orgasm.

Then unlike any other “sex educational” products on the market, it delivers the answer to the problem it identifies. With true sex stories and vivid pictures, Dr Wilcox offers explicit sexual instruction and teaches from a medical perspective: How to fix the limp penis . He teaches the husband where and how to touch the wife’s vagina to facilitate an orgasmic result.

We are re-educated about our bodies particularly the size and location of the female clitoris . Older Women are given sexual tips to assist in regaining the orgasmic pleasure they formerly experience when they were younger and faded as they aged.

Dr. Wilcox confirms that female squirting is real and offers free video access to further teach the uninitiated the anatomy of female ejaculation (squirting). This is more than a “Sex bible for Dummies” it is the “ Sex educational book for a generation”.