The Yoga Habit: A beginner’s complete yoga self-practice guide.

2 min readJan 1, 2022

★★★★★ “Excellent, easily read overview of Yoga, helpful and practical with good illustrations and photos” — Daniel B. Lyle

Imagine someone breathing deeply, calm confidence evident in their eyes, strength in their step, and nimbleness that befits a true athlete. This someone can be you when you develop the Yoga Habit in your life!

And you don’t have to be heroically athletic or dedicate many hours of your time. Simply come along with me on this journey of discovery. Discovery of an ancient practice that brings strength, flexibility, balance, calm, and focus. Discovery of your own inner voice and inner quiet, your own deepest breath, and your own connection to this ancient way of tuning the body, mind, and spirit.

♥ The Yoga Habit will show you the way to a yoga practice that is rooted in tradition but relevant to your everyday life.

This book will teach you all you need to know to get in the yoga habit, teaching you all you need to get safely and effectively started, and inspiring you to make yoga part of your regular routine. The process is deceptively simple, yet the benefits will likely astound you.

I will teach you the tenets of the practice, guide you regarding the supplies needed, offer direction about breathing, yoga locks (inner muscles elegantly trained for strength and greater impact of the practice), hand gestures for focus and specific mental benefits, mantras and eye-focus positions that bring a mental and physical presence and discipline, poses that benefit the body in various, well-explained ways, and visualizations that bring peace and calm.

♥ The Yoga Habit includes variations if needed, clear explanations, and several put-together-for-you series that you can use to get started making yoga a habit that changes your life for the better!

It is my honor and pleasure to be your guide towards this beautiful and powerful habit.

Namaste… June Browne

★★★★★ “Exceptional book!” — Rae




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