Let Your Creation Not Know You (The Shiver of the Sun Book 1)

1 min readFeb 12, 2022


When a new and powerful energy source is discovered on a distant planet the innovative solution to obtaining it involves the creation of highly intelligent, self-replicating humanoids who are sent there to extract it.

Far from Earth and left essentially to their own devices, there is one simple law that these new humanoids are subject to; that they are denied all knowledge of their creators.

As the humanoids adapt to their new home and environment they develop a curious streak. And as they quickly use their intelligent minds to build an advanced civilization for themselves, they become even more like their human creators, fighting devastating wars of destruction and questioning their purpose.

With humans on Earth continuing to suppress humanoid curiosity by any and all means, it remains to be seen how long they can keep the truth hidden from them as every day the humanoids grow in curiosity and strive to find the answers to their lives.

Can the creator keep the created in the dark about their existence? And if they can’t what will the future hold for them both?